Building Admittance

Building, Classroom & Residence Hall Admittance Policy

“The Truman State University Department of Public Safety will provide a safe, secure, and orderly learning and living environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors and establish a partnership with the University community to protect life, property, and the rights and dignity of all individuals.” 

To help the Department of Public Safety obtain this objective we recommend adhering to the following:

  1. Lock all office, classroom and laboratory doors when not in use, even when leaving for “just a moment.”
  2. Lock desks, filing cabinets and closets when not in use.  Never leave personal belongings (purse, wallet, etc.) or other valuables on or under your desk.  Keep these items out of sight.  Cash, stamps, etc., should never be kept in an unlocked drawer during the day or even in a locked drawer at night.  Valuables should be kept in a safe whenever possible.
  3. Never leave a combination type safe on a day-lock position.  Thieves are aware that most people dislike manipulating the dial each morning to open the safe and will always turn the dial back to zero if it is on a day-lock setting.  Always spin the dial when locking the safe.
  4. Computers and office machines are an inviting target for burglars.  All serial numbers, makes and models should be recorded and kept in a safe place.


Academic Buildings Hours of Operation Policy

The following are the guidelines for admittance into University buildings:

  1. Deans/Department Heads, Division/Department Secretary(s) can be admitted to any area under the control of the Division/Department.
  2. Faculty/Staff may be admitted to their offices.
  3. Custodial and maintenance personnel.
  4. Residence Halls/ApartmentsA. Admittance to residence hall rooms and apartments are to be completed by Residence Life staff.

    B. If prior arrangements have been made between Residence Life and Public Safety, residents may call for admittance to the exterior doors of their residence hall. The prior arrangements would be a request in writing for specific persons to gain admittance to the Residence Halls during a time when the University is closed.

  5. All other admittances must meet one of the following criteria:
    A. Present a Building Admittance Authorization Card, signed by the appropriate dean/department head for single admittance; or
    B. Written request on file with Public Safety approved by the appropriate dean/department head. This written request must include the persons name; specific building and room; specific length of time such as fall semester and the hours allowed, i.e.:


    • Joe Smith and Jane Doe have permission to gain access to Public Safety Building 004, Fall semester 2018, Monday – Friday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. PSB Secretary.

      The Dean/Department head must also approve the admittance with their signature.


      C. A room reservation scheduled through the Student Union Office.

      D. Admittances may be made for emergencies upon the discretion of the shift supervisor.

      E. Long-term or frequent entries—we recommend obtaining keys with permission from the division/department.

      F. Persons requesting admittance should be prepared to show a Truman ID card.

      G. Persons requesting admittance should call from the building and/or room (house phones or cell) needing unlocked. You should verify that the door is locked prior to call for Public Safety.