Department of Public Safety

Information for Crime Victims Regarding Disciplinary Proceedings

If a victim chooses to pursue Truman State University disciplinary procedures, this may be done regardless of criminal proceedings. During University disciplinary proceedings, the accuser and the accused are both entitled to the same opportunities to have advisors of their choice present. Additionally, both the accuser and the accused are informed of the outcome of a University disciplinary proceeding alleging a sexual misconduct.

Sanctions imposed for sexual misconduct offenses following a University disciplinary proceeding may range from counseling to expulsion as explained in Chapter 8 of the University Policies and Procedures Manual which is available in any administrative office or is on reserve in the library.

Victims of sexual misconduct may wish to seek support through counseling. The University Counseling Center is available for emergency consultations. If the student wishes, University police officers will assist in making these arrangements. Students may also contact the University Counseling Center themselves at (660) 785-4014.

Community based assistance is available through Victim Support Services at (660) 665-1617. Victims that wish to make changes in their academic schedule or in campus living arrangements after an alleged sexual assault may do so providing such changes can be reasonably accomplished. Victims should contact the Dean of Student Life for assistance.