Department of Public Safety—Parking Services

Parking Ticket Appeals Procedure

Parking Violation(s) Appeal Procedure

Parking violation appeals to the Appeals Advisory Committee follow a step-by-step procedure in order to expedite appeals. This approach also enables the Committee to carefully evaluate each appeal.


  1. Appeals for parking violations must be made within 14 days from the date of the ticket.
  2. Appeals must be made via the Department of Public Safety’s parking ticket appeals form.

Grounds for Appeals:

  1. Unjust or unwarranted ticket.
  2. Extenuating circumstances — a medical or family emergency.
  3. If you have a valid basis for appeal, prepare the appeals form as follows:
    1. Provide the information as requested. Appeals should be made in the name of the vehicle owner and/or parking decal owner.
    2. PLEASE present a concise, factual statement justifying the appeal in the space provided.
    3. Ticket numbers are printed in the upper right corner of the original ticket.

Parking Ticket Appeals Information

Before appealing a parking citation, review the following points provided by the Student Senate Parking Appeals Committee:

  1. When you became a student at Truman State University, you agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the University. The Vehicles Rules & Regulations are part of the University rules and regulations.
  2. Individuals who own, maintain, or operate motor vehicles on the University campus are responsible for violations regardless of whether or not that individual had possession or was operating the vehicle at the time of the violation. It is the responsibility of the owner to advise any driver of University rules and regulations.
  3. A parking decal is permission to park and NOT a guarantee of a parking space close in proximity.
  4. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not an acceptable excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
  5. The fact that other vehicles were improperly parked does not constitute a valid excuse for illegal parking.
  6. If an emergency or other extenuating circumstances is used as an excuse, documented proof must be provided if requested.
  7. The Appeals Advisory Committee can uphold, lessen or suspend the original fine.
  8. The past parking violations record will also be a fact in the Committee’s decision.
  9. Suggestions, recommendations or concerns about the regulations should be submitted to the Director of Public Safety.
  10. Please allow two (2) weeks for the appeal process. You will be notified by e-mail of the decision.
Parking Ticket Appeals Form